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About ActionTalks™

ActionTalks began in early 2023 with a North America speaking tour where 72 leaders from around the world delivered the first ActionTalks to share their message and invite people to engage with them in the leaders mobile app. ActionTalks LIVE now offers main stage in-person and virtual hybrid events for new speakers to share their message to a larger audience live and get ongoing exposure to their business through the mobile apps connected to these events.

In 2024 ActionTalks started exploring partnerships with high-level leaders to deliver "custom" ActionTalk opportunities to specific markets, such as this event specifically designed to offer authors of books a chance to talk about the message in their book. Crossman Communications, with Susan Crossman as the host of this event, is the partner in this special opportunity for visionary authors to bring exposure and engagement to their book's message.

About Visionary Authors

Visionary Authors is a distinctive mobile app community that showcases conscious authors from across the globe, spotlighting their books, messages, and missions. It offers users the unique ability to "launch" an author's mobile app within the Visionary App itself. Each participating author is provided with an app account and a listing in the Authors Directory. This feature allows users to easily search for specific topics or authors, and with just a tap, the Visionary Authors app seamlessly transitions into the selected author's app. Authors benefit immensely from being part of this vibrant community, gaining exposure through the app's collective traffic. Furthermore, they enjoy the advantage of having a branded app that comprehensively delivers all their content, including courses, memberships, summits, events, and more, enhancing their reach and impact.


ACTIONERA TV is a part of our ACTIONERA mobile app family, and we think it's pretty exciting. It's a free app that's packed with all sorts of free stuff to check out. You can watch ActionTalks, take part in Masterclasses, interviews, virtual summits, listen to Podcasts, and more. We even stream LIVE events straight into the app. It's a great place to find daily inspiration, learn new things, and hear from amazing leaders and speakers. The app also helps get more people to watch ActionTalks, whether they're tuning in live or catching up on past talks. We're on our way to making ACTIONERA TV a top spot for finding great content about personal growth, business, and education.

All ActionTalks packages come with the following:


Your talk is recorded for future viewing on the Visionary Authors App, ACTIONERA TV and ACTIONERA TV Youtube. Each talk is edited and uploaded and made available for you to download and share on your own site or social accounts.

$2500 VALUE


Every ActionTalk speaker will get their own mobile app account where they can build and have launched their own branded app inside Visionary Authors App, giving viewers instant access to your business world.

$3000 VALUE


What makes Visionary Authors the ultimate all-in-one platform, aside from it being the premier mobile app platform, is the marketing portal where you can run your business from having a CRM, building funnels, websites, calendars, automation and more.

$1000 VALUE


When you signup you will get two social media promotions to our community, pre-event to promote your talk and post-event to promote the recording of your talk, across all Actionera social accounts.

$1500 VALUE


You'll get instant access to a course that will help you structure your talk to make it the most effective ActionTalk possible and be invited to join a custom Toastmasters group specifically set up to practice your talk and other speaking models.

$1000 VALUE


Inside the Visionary Authors app you will get a listing in the ActionTalks Experts Directory, your talk will be promoted and with your listing will be a profile page, link to your website, link to your talk and access to your app, opened up inside the app.

$5000 VALUE


While you deliver your talk to the in-person and online live audience, our professional photographer will be capturing you on stage and uploading professional photos for you to use in your own brand and marketing of your business.

$2000 VALUE


Each speaker will have the option to be a part of our Best Selling Book launch of The Power of Action, where you'll get a dedicated profile page, talk link, app link and description of your message in this unique book (and E-book).

$3000 VALUE


Connect with over 1000 entrepreneurs our ActionPod Community and get tickets to Collaborate, Action Course Mastery, and a seat deposit ticket to one of the biggest in person events in the industry, JVX LIVE.

$1000 VALUE

... A total value of $20,000!

Secure a Speaker Slot Below:

ActionTalks LIVE Author Event

Actionera Studios - San Diego - October 17-19

Deliver your talk in the ACTIONERA Studios in San Diego where we will capture and livestream your talk to a virtual audience.


One Payment Saves $302

$1495 - Bonuses Included:
6-Months of PRO+ App and Event Lunches

VIP Bonuses are a $900 value!

3 Payment Plan:

3 x $599 - Bonuses Included:

6-Months of PRO+ App and Event Lunches

VIP Bonuses are a $900 value!


One Payment Saves $197

Bonuses Include 3-Months of PRO+ App

3 Payment Plan:

3 x $399
Bonuses Include 3-Months of PRO+ App

ACTIONERA book, app & ActionClips sharing

Become an ActionClips contributor

As an alternative to not being able to travel and deliver a talk, or having the monthly expense of an app, this option gives you the traffic and exposure benefits the ACTIONERA TV app and Power of Action book offers. An ActionClips contributor participates in the project minus delivering an ActionTalk onstage and having it promoted in the app and book.

  • You'll be published in the Power of Actions book as a contributing author: List 3 action steps related to your message

  • Your book profile will link to Vertical Videos you provide: QR code will link videos on each of your action steps

  • ​​Link to your website on QR code page along with your Vertical Videos: Links people to your website or app

  • ​​​Vertical Videos are hosted on ACTIONERA TV Youtube channel: Get ongoing exposure through our growing channel

  • Up to 5 Vertical Videos (includes 3 above) will be shared in ACTIONERA TV app: Huge benefit from app traffic

  • ​​ActionClips in app will link to a Call-to-Action URL you provide: From videos they can go to your website for more info

  • 2-3 of your ActionClips will be shared on ACTIONERA Social accounts: More exposure over our social platforms

You’ll love it, we guarantee it

We always offer a 14 day, 100% money back guarantee!
If for any reason, you decide that ACTIONERA isn’t right for your business, just let us know! We’ll get you a full refund.

About Crossman Communications

Crossman Communications helps people liberate their ideas and transform them into the book they have quite often been waiting all their lives to write. Under the guidance of author, editor, and book coach Susan Crossman, we will help you with the practical steps of structuring, writing, and editing your book, and guide you to resources to help you publish and market your book, as well.

We work specifically with people who have a message or a philosophy that aims to make the world a better place, and we have advanced training in writing that will help us do that in a way that serves, motivates and inspires your audience.
We are careful stewards of our clients’ book projects, and we bring an exceptional level of analytical intelligence and editorial competence to our work. Consciously.

When you work with us, either as a book coaching or an editing client, you will experience stronger motivation than ever before for capturing and sharing your story, and greater confidence in your ability to get the job done.

We demystify the process of writing a book so you can move forward confidently and creatively into the magnificent world that is waiting for you on the other side of the publishing process.

If you are, or think you might be, an Awakening Author, find out if our book coaching or editing services might be a perfect fit for your book writing needs: book a free consultation with Susan Crossman through

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